WarLayer 5.0 Late Pledge

WarLayer 5.0 Late Pledge

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What’s new in WarLayer 5.0?

Playable modular stairs and balconies
New stairs and balconies elevate the WarLayer system above others. Stairs have been notoriously hard to design for printing. With this latest iteration, we feel that they are finally ready to be a core part of the WarLayer system. These stairs and balconies are also backwards compatible with WarLayer 4.0 and Forbidden War. Balconies increase the playability of buildings substantially. Instead of just playing inside damaged sections or on rooftops, they provide more gaming area for models to play upon.

Orbital heavy lifter 2.0
Our previous orbital lifter was a huge success and the centerpiece of many gaming tables on the internet. The design was done several years ago and was overdue for an upgrade. This new model can be made as tall as wanted. 

Brand new bridges
Bridges have always been a popular terrain feature of Warlayer. With these new bridges, they are more tightly integrated into the system. The bridges are attached to walls which provide more security than older versions. New pillars provide support for bridges so they can span great lengths without the plastic sagging.

Fast Floors
A detailed floor really make the table feel even more immersive. Regular gaming tiles take a very long time to print so we tried a different tactic. Each floor tile is only 6 printable layers thick so printing a full table takes days vs. weeks or months.

Each 6 inch by 6 inch tile takes about 40 minutes to print. A full 4 foot by 6 foot table would take 96 tiles. This means a full 4x6 table would take roughly 3 days of printing depending on your print speed.

Why WarLayer?

WarLayer models are optimized and rigorously tested for desktop 3D printing. Desktop 3D printers print at twice the resolution in the vertical axis so we design the models to be printed upright without support material. This means cleaner details, no messy support removal and they take up less space so more can be printed at once (the average 3D printing nozzle is .4mm while the average printer Z-axis resolution is .1mm to .2mm).  

Our printing and painting group has over 2,500 members who share builds, ideas, and tips. I can't say enough good things about how awesome this community is.